Unzipped at East London’s Art Festival: 15 to 17 July 2016

Unzipped at East London’s Art Festival: 15 to 17 July 2016Guild Theatre Promo

The The Guild Theatre in East London is an essential and highly valuable supporter of the arts in South Africa, and is presenting The East London Arts Festival from the 15th to the 17th July, 2016.

Bringing some of the country’s leading performers to the city, Godfrey Johnson’s latest hit, Unzipped, is heading to the festival, fresh from its sellout runs in Cape Town and Johannesburg, where it was met with rave reviews and rapturous audiences.

              The Audience reacted:

“It’s a one-man musical performance, though I’m tempted to say it’s a full-on theatre show in itself. Godfrey plays the piano, mesmerises the audience with his stunning voice… story-lines and characters he has created. He’s absolutely hilarious on stage.” Benike Palfi (I Love Foodies)

The Critics reacted img_3669

The Argus
…”Typical references artfully included in the lyrics include sideswipes at Donald Trump or the Gupta Family, but these are subdued and subtle, making their impact all the greater for understatement…The elfin-faced entertainer lives up to his reputation for wooing audiences…” Beverley Brommert, The Argus




Review – Tracey Saunders

“…It’s almost impossible to believe that Unzipped is one man and a piano on stage Godfrey Johnson is a musical maestro and has a wicked send of humour to boot. A fabulous evening that had me crying and laughing, sometimes at the same time.” 




What's on

What’s On                                                                              “The opening song was a tribute for David Bowie. Ah, how we loved and still love him. Performing his on-stage persona, Piano Man followed. There was Diana Ross, Joe Jackson and a haunting Leonard Cohen. Songs we all know and love and yet it felt like I only truly heard these songs for the first time when they came from Johnson’s
mouth and hands.” Marilu Snyders (What’s On, Cape Town)

 About the Guild Theatre

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The East London Guild Theatre is a dynamic playhouse facility, producing and presenting performing arts in Buffalo City, Eastern Cape. The Guild Theatre has been home to some of South Africa’s leading artists and emerging local performers, as well as several international acts, since 1962.

Situated in the heart of East London, Eastern Cape, this well-loved theatre serves a community of over 800 000.

The theatre, which is fully equipped and has experienced staff, attracts a loyal and enthusiastic audience drawn from all segments of the population.