Performance Development for Managers and Teams

What is ‘Performance’ really about? In business, the term is so ubiquitous it is the at the centre of the very KPI’s against which we measure…everything. Our people, our development, our innovations, and ultimately, our bottom lines.

“Working with Godfrey Johnson has always been a rewarding experience. He is a person of utmost integrity and warmth, and gives 150% of his best. His personal organisation is excellent, and he sees things to their fruition, come rain or shine. …His humility and gratitude towards his colleagues make him a valued member of any team.”- Heather Roth


Achieving success upon success requires a very personal and thoughtful understanding of one’s own, unique World of Performance.With his unblemished track-record of writing, directing and performing successful one-man shows, musicals and plays, all to critical and audience acclaim, Godfrey Johnson is his own CEO, Manager, Quality Controller, Production-line and Sales Team. Few have such a consistent  – and peer-supported  – body of evidence for a career of such self-determined outcomes.

“It was one of the most beautiful processes to witness. His kindness, generosity of spirit and beautiful sense of humour feed into every aspect of his work, and make working with him an absolute pleasure. As a performer myself, I learned so much from watching his exceptional performances and his dedication to his craft. I would work with him over and over again!” – Bianca Flanders

Locating the inner forces that truly drive this level of results is a never-ending process.  Godfrey Johnson has mastered the art of guiding others to what truly drives them, and to apply it across any activity, circumstance and environment. 

“He sings, he writes, he plays, he composes, he directs, he performs, he listens, he laughs and he knows! Godfrey and I have been working together for over twenty years and every experience is a joy and an adventure onto new horizons. Through his patience and talent, Bambi Kellermann became a voice to be reckoned with in the wilderness of cabaret. I can’t wait for our next venture!” – Pieter-Dirk Uys


Godfrey Johnson’s unique gifts as a performer can help you and your company achieve meaningful and remarkably rapid improvements across your teams, either separately or as one operational unit.


Using theatre and the art of song, Johnson employs the creativity of your staff to engage them in your company’s goals and culture. One the most effective exercises results in a team or company anthem/song, resulting in one of the most effective and uniting vehicles known to mankind.

For a meeting with Godfrey Johnson to see how your company can benefit, contact: or call 074 792 8181