Masterful mix of music and mirth

Masterful mix of music and mirth


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This is Not America…Hallelujah

THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK…NEW Show Launching Next week at the Alexander Bar

This is Not America…Hallelujah

Cabaret • Running Time: 60 mins
Godfrey Johnson and Nicholas McDiarmid
Godfrey Johnson and Nicholas McDiarmid, armed with one piano and four hands will seduce you with their unique brand of humor and extraordinary musicality. They perform and celebrate the genius of Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Prince, Mozart and more, weaving a musical journey out of the Trumpesque Pantsuit that was 2016.
Johnson is no stranger to the Alexander Bar and he welcomes his new cabinet minister onto the stage with him. The show will include hits like, This is Not America, ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars and Johnson no 1 hit in Taiwan ‘Don’t Step on my Melania”.
Godfrey Johnson is one of South Africa’s leading performing artists, with a singular reputation as a Cabaret Artist, Composer, Writer and Director. The Fleur Du Cap award-winner’s unique voice continues to break new
ground in multiple arenas.
Nicholas McDiarmid is an award-winning writer, journalist, editor and performer, with a passion for the piano. He first went public with the Cape Town Philharmonic, playing Ravel\’s Concerto In G. Then he went corporate. with a career in publishing, but always performing along the way, fiddling his fiddle in Sydney and hitting the ivories in Gauteng.


30 Shades of Gratitude

Asked by Social Media Maven, the mysterious (and owl-prone) Wenchy ( to share a whopping 30 things for which I am grateful, I gratefuly obliged. Below is that list:

1. Nicholas McDiarmid: An exceptional partner and artist.

2. Carynne Johnson: My beautiful sister who fills the world with light and kindness.

3. Pieter- Dirk Uys: Our most important icon who reminds us that laughter and generosity of spirit can make the world a better place.

4. The Piano: For saving my life in times of profound sadness.

5. Coffee: For waking me up and making me go-go.

6. Theatre: For educating.

7. My legs: Walking is the best therapy.

8. Pugs: They are hilarious, kind and intelligent.

9. TV Series: The best way to get lost in other worlds without feeling guilty.

10. My Glasses: They stop me from walking into poles and talking to trees.

11. Trees: The best company imaginable.

12. Stationary: An addiction I cannot control.

13. Cinema: Getting lost in other worlds on a grand scale.

14. Orchestras: If only governments could play as beautifully and as articulately.

15. Children: Children are honest and wise.

16. Water: The most soothing drink before a performance.

17. Art: Allows one to focus on someone else’s interpretation of life.

18. Friends: For being who they are.

19. Potatoes: A grounding and versatile food.

20. Stage Managers: For being ones other brain.

21. History: We need to understand history in order to create a responsible future.

22. Theatre Owners: For keeping me employed.

23. Wasabi: It makes me giggle.

24. The Ocean: Mysterious and overwhelming.

25. Music: It is my oxygen.

26. Composers: Psychologists trained by the Angels.

27. An empty stage before a show: A sacred place full of possibility.

28. Coffee Shops: The perfect place to observe and write.

29. Bedside Tables: A great place to store books.

30. Trains: I was a train driver in a previous life.