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Who is Godfrey Johnson?


Godfrey Johnson – Performer | Composer | Musician | Actor

Godfrey Johnson is one of South Africa’s leading performing artists, with a singular reputation as a Cabaret Artist, Composer, Writer and Director. The Fleur Du Cap award-winner’s unique voice continues to break new ground in multiple arenas.

2016 has seen the successful first run of Johnson’s collaboration with Pieter-Dirk Uys on the musical ‘Die Van Aardes van Grootoor’. In addition to composing tGrootoor_Poster_Bhe score, Johnson was both Musical and Theatrical Director, and led the ensemble.“He sings, h
e writes, he plays, he composes, he directs, he performs, he listens, he laughs and he knows! Godfrey and I have been working together for over twenty years and every experience is a joy and an adventure onto new horizons. Through his patience and talent, Bambi Kellermann became a voice to be reckoned with in the wilderness of cabaret. I can’t wait for our next venture!” 

Pieter-Dirk Uys

‘Vaslav’- New Ground

With six-time Fleur du Cap nominations and numerous awards under his belt, Johnson broke new ground with the extraordinary one-man play, entitled ‘Vaslav’, which was co-written and directed by equally unparalleled Lara Bye. A true theatrical triumph, ‘Valsav’ demands a formidable combination of skills and artistic depth, as reflected in the Fleur Du Cap’s 2015 nominations, in which Johnson became the first South African artist to be included in the following three categories:IMG_2316

– Best Actor in a Musical

– Best Performer in a One-Person Show

– Best Composer.

An exceptional diversity of categories for one show, much less one individual, it stands as a formal recognises his audiences’ time-honoured experience: Johnson’s simple solo performances are of a power and magnitude equal to the most elaborate of productions.

“Solo performances are no easy thing, but when you have all the elements coalescing as they do here, it can be sublime…when you can tell a story with such passion, artistry, visual mastery, while illuminating something about life, it’s something special.”

Dianne de Beer, The Star

Johnson recently brought ‘Valsav’ Johannesburg’s audiences, and Bye and Johnson are currently developing opportunities for European audiences, following interest from producers as far afield as Sweden and the Netherlands.

International Acclaim

BambiThroughout his career, Johnson has delivered high-impact performances, and has a special place in audience’s hearts and minds for his intimate and life-affirming delivery of Jacques
Brel’s work. At once dark and light, Johnson proves himself as much a dramatist as he is comedian. This ability also sees him bringing the songs and social vignettes of Noel Coward’s life and times into the 21st century, bringing both him and Coward to new audiences, and his Brel and Coward is known from Montreal to London, and from Amsterdam to Boksburg.

Unzipping a very modern Cabaret

His current comedy-offering, ‘Unzipped’, sees Johnson using music, satire and comedic nuances to shed new light on the experiences of today’s political and social absurdities. Interspersing the songs of David Bowie, Diana Ross, Joe Jackson – and a haunting Leonard Cohen – with moments of high comedy, Unzipped introduces Johnson as a fine satiris. He has developed three highly idiosyncratic characters who shed light on the hilarity and pathos of modern life – especially modern South African life. image001

Hailed by critics since its debut in April earlier this year, it is a highly distinct landmark on the local theatre scene.

“…a masterpiece of satirical fun…(this is) caricature worthy of Juvenal,” Beverley Brommert, the Cape Argus. 

…it felt like I truly heard these songs for the first time when they came from Johnson’s mouth and hands. Perhaps because he sneaks in his own satirical lyrics here and there, but he also owns every moment.” Marilou Snyders, What’s On Cape Town. 

Voiceovers, Teaching, Hosting, Directing and Coaching

Godfrey Johnson is a busy man, and between performing, writing and rehearsing, he brings his passion for life and people to bear on uplifting workplaces, students and theatre graduates. Godfrey  – and his company of characters and songs (over 300 in his repertoire) – has entertained and inspired companies such as Nedbank, Pep Stores, Old Mutual, and even the South African Government. He worked with some of South Africa’s true theatrical giants, and is much in demand as composer, collaborator and mentor.

“It was one of the most beautiful processes to witness. His kindness, generosity of spirit and beautiful sense of humour feed into every aspect of his work, and make working with him an absolute pleasure…I would work with him over and over again!” – Bianca Flanders

Movies, Advertisments and the Maintstream

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 12.33.24 PMJohnson has appeared in leading roles in several full feature films, most recently appearing in the award-winning ‘Once Upon a Road Trip’, alongside Graham Weir and Louw Venter, and directed by David Moore. His appearance in two of the most memorable Klipdripft adverts made him an important part of one of Suth Africa’s highest-profile media campaigns during the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Johnson’s multi
ple talents and chameleonic appearance has seen him take lead roles in global advertising campaigns for major brands, including Cadburies, Kia, LG and Cipla Pharmacueticals.

Godfrey  Johnson, Graham Weir and Louw Venter star in ‘Once Upon a Road Trip’.

Find out more

Visit to view his performance schedule and find an overview of his theatrical, corporate and musical services, and how to engage them.

Godfrey Johnson is available for corporate events, functions, and offers team building workshops (including team song-writing).


074 792 8181 / 082 856 7333


Events, Conferences and Awards

Godfrey Johnson brings his extraordinary artistry and highly versatile performance styles to crafting and delivering the highest quality in entertainment, tailored specifically for sectors and organisations and their stakeholders’ requirements. 

Appearing at events of national importance, including the 2010 Soccer World Cup and the ANC’s 99th Anniversary Celebrations in Limpopo, his pedigree is second-to-none.

“Godfrey is amazing! He will make you laugh, grin, applaud, cry. He’s fun, funny, true, real. He’s a true performer. You will leave his shows smiling and wanting to come back for more. Simply put he’s fabulous -“ Jenni Bessesen

Godfrey Johnson  – who has never received a bad review – has worked with leading organisations in both the public and the private sectors, including:

Old Mutual | Pep Stores | Nedbank | EdCon | The National Government of South Africa | Parliament | The 2010 WorldCup  Local Organising Committee The African National Congress | World Aids Day | The Rotary Club CANSA Fundraiser  | Moni’s Winemakers | Klipdripft Brandy Distillery | Vertigo Clothing | 

His vast repertoire of songs (click here for an updated menu), intelligent comedy and set of well-loved characters make him the both the ideal Master of Ceremonies and musical entertainer,  combined.

“Godfrey Johnson was born to be an entertainer. He’s not only a musician, he’s a full stage personality. You’ll laugh and cry and be thoroughly entertained with him in whichever role he’s playing. His fabulous piano playing is just a cherry on top!” Gaynor Paynter

Bookings and Consultations 

Godfrey Johnson is available as a ‘plug-and-play’ entertainer, voice-over-artist and Master of Ceremonies, and can deliver bespoke services rapidly.

He is committed to working together with his clients to deliver a truly unique and relevant experience. Where possible, he will consultant directly with you to understand the dynamics and language of your organisation’s world, and engages in intelligent research to guarantee a tailored a show that enhances, elevates and inspires.


call: 074 792 8181