30 Shades of Gratitude

Asked by Social Media Maven, the mysterious (and owl-prone) Wenchy (https://thenocturnalwenchy.com/) to share a whopping 30 things for which I am grateful, I gratefuly obliged. Below is that list:

1. Nicholas McDiarmid: An exceptional partner and artist.

2. Carynne Johnson: My beautiful sister who fills the world with light and kindness.

3. Pieter- Dirk Uys: Our most important icon who reminds us that laughter and generosity of spirit can make the world a better place.

4. The Piano: For saving my life in times of profound sadness.

5. Coffee: For waking me up and making me go-go.

6. Theatre: For educating.

7. My legs: Walking is the best therapy.

8. Pugs: They are hilarious, kind and intelligent.

9. TV Series: The best way to get lost in other worlds without feeling guilty.

10. My Glasses: They stop me from walking into poles and talking to trees.

11. Trees: The best company imaginable.

12. Stationary: An addiction I cannot control.

13. Cinema: Getting lost in other worlds on a grand scale.

14. Orchestras: If only governments could play as beautifully and as articulately.

15. Children: Children are honest and wise.

16. Water: The most soothing drink before a performance.

17. Art: Allows one to focus on someone else’s interpretation of life.

18. Friends: For being who they are.

19. Potatoes: A grounding and versatile food.

20. Stage Managers: For being ones other brain.

21. History: We need to understand history in order to create a responsible future.

22. Theatre Owners: For keeping me employed.

23. Wasabi: It makes me giggle.

24. The Ocean: Mysterious and overwhelming.

25. Music: It is my oxygen.

26. Composers: Psychologists trained by the Angels.

27. An empty stage before a show: A sacred place full of possibility.

28. Coffee Shops: The perfect place to observe and write.

29. Bedside Tables: A great place to store books.

30. Trains: I was a train driver in a previous life.