Internationally acclaimed Musician and Performing Artist, Godfrey Johnson’s rich career is rooted in his early studies in classical music and developed around his profound abilities as a performer, singer, composer, writer and interpreter.

His unique set of skills has brought over 30 productions to both stage and screen, and are the true testament to a talent that goes beyond categorisation and which finds the music in all human expression.

Godfrey Johnson’s longstanding collaboration with theatrical giant, Pieter-Dirk Uys, most recently saw a truly original South African musical, Die Van Aardes van Grootoor, enjoy its first successful run at Pieter Toerien’s Theatre on the Bay in Cape Town. Johnson and Uys have toured Europe and South Africa, appearing most recently at the Fugard Theatre and the Auto & General Theatre on the Square, with further international dates in planning.

Johnson’s highly acclaimed collaboration with Director, Lara Bye, resulted in the multi-award nominated one-man-play ‘Valsav’, which is without doubt a South African theatrical tour-de-force. Establishing Johnson as an actor of the great depth and intensity, ‘Vaslav’ – the play and the performance – is truly an artistic masterpiece.

Johnson is a highly sought after teacher and director, and has worked with leading universities in South Africa, and is renowned for his practical focus on results. Students benefit from his keen recognition of their particular strengths, and his ability to direct those strengths under an immediate spotlight. Johnson’s own commitment to performance is infectious, and those under his guidance most often surprise themselves – not to mention those around them – with new keys to the confidence the stage demands.

Godfrey Johnson is a true master of his art, and with his extensive repertoire of songs, plays and compositions, he constantly seeks new challenges and environments in which to explore the world of inspired creation.

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