Stories of Crime and Passion – The Photoshoot

Wednesday night was great – Jono organised a great bunch of people for a photoshoot for Stories of Crime and Passion. I’m really touched by the people who gave their time to help us out so generously.

Jono had me in the foreground looking moody and artistic while in the background his friends played characters from the songs I’m going to be performing. There were cowboys, showgirls, soldiers, punk waifs and summer loves. We had to shoot fast so a lot of credit to Jon Minster the photographer who whipped up the energy and kept everything on track.

Big thanks to Jon Mister, Oskar Brown, Kate Reddick, Katrina Jordaan, Merryn Carver, Kim Kerfoot, Jason Potgieter, Darron Araujo,  Juliet Jenkin and Carla Lever. Not mention the Yawazzi boys, Jono and Sanjin.

Once Jono has finished fooling around with the pictures I’ll post more.

Much love,



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