The Confession

Today Godfrey and I wrote a song.

At least, we wrote most of it. We were rehearsing in St. James’s Church in Seapoint and we were exploring a narrator character. Godfrey had written some amazing text that felt very William Blake meets Tom Waits, which found the speaker in a confessional. As he played around with the delivery and the music a ballad began to take shape. And then we found the voice of this ragged man confessing a crime committed over 40 years ago, telling a story of dark love that began in the very chapel he was now kneeling in.

The amazing piano explorations of mr. Johnson seemed to pull lines and lyrics out of me, and together we wrote the text of this murderer’s haunting pain. I couldn’t believe how energising the process was, and how natural. Godfrey has an incredible gift for bringing out the voice in others even in the writing process – a truly generous performer.

I listened to a couple of songs that Godfrey’s been hiding under his hat. I was especially blown away by his interpretation of the music for the Mariner’s Revenge song. Such layered arrangements combining with deceptively simple hooks to capture the original feeling of the composition while making it uniquely Godfrey.

I’m really looking forward to sharing this show with an audience.


Stories of Crime and Passion – The Photoshoot

Wednesday night was great – Jono organised a great bunch of people for a photoshoot for Stories of Crime and Passion. I’m really touched by the people who gave their time to help us out so generously.

Jono had me in the foreground looking moody and artistic while in the background his friends played characters from the songs I’m going to be performing. There were cowboys, showgirls, soldiers, punk waifs and summer loves. We had to shoot fast so a lot of credit to Jon Minster the photographer who whipped up the energy and kept everything on track.

Big thanks to Jon Mister, Oskar Brown, Kate Reddick, Katrina Jordaan, Merryn Carver, Kim Kerfoot, Jason Potgieter, Darron Araujo,  Juliet Jenkin and Carla Lever. Not mention the Yawazzi boys, Jono and Sanjin.

Once Jono has finished fooling around with the pictures I’ll post more.

Much love,